A landscaped park sublimating our Guest House

The Mill is located in the middle of a park of one hectare entirely closed, magnificently raised and crossed by a branch of the river "La Tourmente". 

From each of our rooms, you will be able to contemplate the environment which spreads out in front of you.

We invite you to take a break during your stay and enjoy the green charm of the place. 
Listen to the cries of the birds, the song of the cicadas, admire the squirrels that cross the property early in the morning, sit down and share with the many lizards a stone wall heated by the sun.
Calm and freshness are at the rendezvous in the shade of the big trees, on the lawns or at the water's edge. And in all seasons, it conceals treasures to contemplate.

From spring to autumn, the omnipresent flowering is different and sublimates the landscape that is revealed before your eyes.

At nightfall, observe the stars. The Milky Way is visible because we are close to an area free of light pollution and called "Le Triangle Noir du Quercy".

Garden furniture, swing and hammock are at your disposal and are conducive to reading, conversation or simply rest.

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Bief du Moulin du BoissetNoix du Moulin du BoissetHéron du Moulin du BoissetOeillets du Moulin du BoissetRhododendron du Moulin du BoissetBarque du Moulin du Boisset